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Female Liposuction Before And After Photos (28)

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Cosmetic Surgery Of The Waistline – Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

One of the areas that is commonly addressed in cosmetic surgery is the waistline. Naturally, this also means that a lot of patients often have questions about these procedures and why they are obtained. For patients who are interested in cosmetic surgery of the waistline specifically, we recommend reading the information below.

Why Is The Waistline Often Targeted In Cosmetic Surgery?

Generally speaking, once we have created a curvature in the waist, the patient looks slimmer, fitter and healthier. It is much easier to find clothes that are more attractive, and the body develops more of a feminine look. If one looks at the difference between the classic male shape and the female, one will notice that the feminine shape has more curvature.

Should The Waistline Be As Flat As Possible?

No. Being too flat is not good, as that will mean that there is no shape and no femininity to the body. Therefore, we perform liposculpture which selectively removes fat from different areas to create the curvature that is required.

How Does One Decide Which Areas To Remove Fat From?

This comes with experience and often is determined by the patient’s own shape and where they have fat. In the assessment, the first thing I do is have a look at the patient standing, so that I can assess what would be the ideal shape. I then feel the fat to see where I can remove fat from. I generally take the maximum amount of fat from the waist line and hips to give the curvature before the hips bone and outer thighs. The fat is removed in layers and also in a gradual sloping process so that there is no dent but rather a natural curve.

Are Fat Injections Used To Create A More Feminine Shape?

Yes. Many women today are seeking fat injection of the buttocks to give more of a voluminous appearance in this area, which will enhance the curvature; this has been classically known as the Brazilian buttock. Fat is taken and treated with stem cells, so that it will hopefully last longer.

Can Breast Enlargement Be Performed At The Same Time For Further Curvature?

Yes, breast enlargement can be done at the same time and is usually placed under the muscle to enhance the volume of the upper body. This works well with curvature of the chest followed by the natural concavity of the waist and the convexity of the thighs.

Is There An Age Limit Required For This Procedure?

No. We perform this procedure on all patients of all different ages. I think patients can get equally nice results regardless of their age.

Naturally, before a patient can obtain any procedure, the patient must be in good general health; this means the patient must be able to recover from the procedure they are having. So, before you have a treatment, Dr Lanzer will determine your suitability for that procedure.

Can There Be Skin Wrinkling In That Area?

Actually, this is one of the areas which tends to be less common to have wrinkling as opposed to very large drooping stomachs. The skin tends to contract very well in this area and is lays itself nicely down on the underlying muscle.

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    Dr Lanzer has found that the best and most natural results can be obtained by combining multiple procedures. Each procedure is directed at a particular issue and thereby produces the best overall result. Dr Lanzer has found that combining a number of focused procedures he can obtain an excellent natural result.


    Dr Lanzer has over 30 years of Cosmetic Surgery experience and is regarded as one of the leading Cosmetic Surgeons in Australia. Dr Lanzer is skilled in Liposuction, Breast Augmentation and many other Cosmetic Surgery procedures.

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    Surgical Warning: Every form of surgery has a possibility of a complication and these are given to you in detail by Dr Lanzer. It is a good idea to understand your surgical procedure well, and to obtain further advice from another Specialist Cosmetic surgeon such as a Dermatologist like Dr Lanzer.

    All photographs represent one person's experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients of Dr Lanzer. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken.

    Some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up.

    Dr Daniel Lanzer MB BS (Hons) FACD

    Dr Lanzer is extremely experienced, meticulous and caring.
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