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Female Liposuction On Mid-Section

Before Liposuction For Women Before Photos

This patient carried majority of her weight around her mid section. This can often be a tough area to reduce through diet and exercise, particularly after having children.

After View Liposuction For Women After Photo

This is the patient just 2 weeks post her Liposuction procedure. She had a total of 1.2L of fat removed. Note the improvement already at this early stage.

Find Out How Female Liposuction Could Eliminate Fat Around The Mid-Section

When you have excess fat, you may encounter several problem areas that are particularly difficult to tackle. The problem area also depends on the woman, because every woman carries her weight differently. However, there is a common problem area, the mid-section, which can be quite difficult. Always had problems getting the flat belly that you always wanted? Keep your options open with liposuction for women.

What Are The Specifics Of This Case Study?

As you may tell from the pictures, the patient in question had problems with excess fat around the mid-section. Even though the patient had undergone diet and exercise, the mid-section still remained a problem. It is common for the mid-section to carry excess fat, especially after childbirth.

The result in this case study is quite evident. When comparing the before and the after photo, you can see a significant amount of difference. During her lipo treatment, Dr Lanzer removed 1.2 litre of fat, getting an excellent result.

Is Liposuction For Women The Right Thing For Me?

There are generally two reasons why women choose liposuction. Either they are not content with their body and this is affecting their self-esteem or confidence, or the patient is having problems with excess fat that is hindering them in their daily life. Both these reasons are valid reasons for liposuction.

However, there are some things to be taken into consideration by the surgeon, the clinic and the patient. There are a number of patients who can suffer from a condition called body dysmorphia. Patients suffering from this condition are known to frequent cosmetic surgerys and dermatologists, simply because they strive for the perfect body in their eyes. However, the body image they are striving for can be dangerous and very unhealthy for the patient. The Dr Lanzer clinic and its medical staff are trained to detect body dysmorphia and ensure that patients will be given the proper help.

Dr Lanzer and his medical staff also provide all the necessary information to the patient who wishes to take advantage of liposuction for women. If you visit the clinic for a consultation, you will always be informed about the procedure, aftercare and more. By informing patients properly, they know what to expect from liposuction for women and can come in fully prepared.

What Happens Before The Liposuction For Female Surgery?

The first thing that will happen before any liposuction surgery is a full medical exam by Dr Lanzer or his medical team. By doing a physical, Dr Lanzer can determine if you are an acceptable candidate for surgery. Before the treatment, you will also be asked about any medical conditions you may have or any medication you are taking. It is important to be as accurately as possible and inform the medical staff of all current and previous medical conditions. Your answers may be vital to the success of your procedure.

Before the liposuction, you will also get your questions answered by the medical staff and Dr Lanzer. That way you will know what you can expect from the procedure, but also what possible complications or problems you may encounter. On top of the information you get from the medical staff, you also get some written information you can go through at home.

Patients who are about to undergo liposuction should also find someone who can drive them to their appointment. It is not advised to drive yourself to and from your appointment, as you may experience fatigue after the procedure.

What Will Happen On The Day Of The Procedure?

Before you go in for surgery, your body will be marked with a pen. The marks on your body indicate the places where fat can be removed. Once this is done, you will receive anaesthesia, this can either be local or full depending on the procedure you are about to have. When the anaesthesia has kicked in, the surgeon will make the incision and start the procedure.

During the procedure, the surgeon will monitor all the fat and liquid removed from your body. This has a very specific reason, as you may need some additional fluid during the surgery. Adding fluid to the body usually happens through an intravenous line.

What Happens After The Surgery?

After the surgery, it is possible you may leave the clinic right after the procedure. However, this does depend on the procedure you had and the medical evaluation of the surgeon and the medical staff. For that reason, it is also possible that you will be kept for observation overnight. The medical staff will usually inform you how long it is going to take before you can go home and if you need to take it easy for a while. The majority of patients undergoing liposuction can usually resume their normal activities right away, but there are some exceptions.

The patient will need to wear tight garments for a pre-determined time. In order to protect your body and the wound, the surgeon will recommend a certain period of time in which you should be wearing the tight garments you receive after the surgery. It is also possible you will be prescribed an antibiotic, to prevent infections.

The discomfort or pain you will be experiencing after the surgery is usually short-term and quite manageable. However, if the pain becomes more intense, you can always contact Dr Lanzer or his medical staff by calling the phone number you will be given. The medical staff or Dr Lanzer can then provide you with additional medication to reduce the pain. Swelling is also not uncommon after the procedure. However, this swelling usually goes down quite quickly.

Another thing that could occur after liposuction is scarring. However, the incisions are made with the utmost care and are always kept to an absolute minimum. Therefore, most patients will not notice their scar after the procedure. If you wish to get a better idea what type of scar you could expect after a procedure, be sure to have a look at our after photos and other case studies.

Can I Call The Clinic For More Information?

Do you want to speak to someone before coming in for a consultation? Or do you have more questions about liposuction for women? Give our clinic a call or get a free personal assessment at our clinic by filling in the form on our website.

The abdomen can be a difficult area to lose weight, because despite regular exercise and a healthy diet, some fat deposits can be quite persistent. As seen in the before and after photographs above, a liposuction procedure enables a cosmetic surgery to target the persistent fat deposits in the abdomen and create a more athletic appearance for the patient in question. Please note that results as displayed in these photographs can only be determined once the patient had some time to heal, since patients may experience bruising and swelling shortly after a liposuction procedure.

To determine the results obtained from your procedure, it is advised to wait reviewing your results post-liposuction until you visit your cosmetic surgery for the follow-up appointment. During your recovery process, it is also important to take good care of the treatment area, since good aftercare can promote the healing process and the way the body heals after the procedure. For more information about the aftercare post-liposuction, please speak to your cosmetic surgery, a member of the medical team, or request additional information from your treatment facility electronically before your treatment takes place. Also, if you believe you are encountering a complication after your procedure, make an appointment at your cosmetic surgery facility right away to receive the proper care.

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    All photographs represent one person's experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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