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Case Study


Female Liposuction Before and After Photos (9)

Before Female Liposuction Before and After

This patient presented with a lovely figure, however there were a couple of stubborn areas of fat which she had difficulty shifting.

After Female Liposuction Before and After

This is the patient one month after her Liposuction procedure. A total of 1.1L of fat was removed from her problem areas. Note the smooth curvature to her hips now that the excess fat has been removed.

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Having Trouble with Certain Problem Areas? Find Out How Liposuction for Women Can Help!

Are there certain problem areas that just will not change, no matter how much you exercise or diet? If this is the case for you, it may be good to have a look at liposuction for women. Even though it is still important to exercise and eat healthy, some problem areas might need a more drastic approach. Find out how liposuction for women can help and how it can deal with those problem areas once and for all.

What Are The Specifics Of This Case Study?

Even though this patient had a lovely figure to begin with, she had stubborn areas around her hips that no amount of exercise or diet could get rid of. In order to tackle these problem areas, the patient opted for a liposuction for women procedure.

After the surgery, the patient ended up with a smooth curvature around the hips and the perfect figure she always wanted. Dr Lanzer removed 1.1 litre of fat during this procedure, a minor procedure with some excellent results.

Can The Fat In Problem Areas Come Back?

Every liposuction procedure can be reversible if a healthy diet and regular exercise are not maintained. The same goes for problem areas. Patients who do not have a balanced diet or regular exercise are in danger of getting the fat back into the problem areas.

However, patients who do maintain a balanced diet and have a regular exercise routine will be able to take full advantage of what liposuction for women has provided them with. The figure they have obtained will remain, just as long as they enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Can Liposuction for Women Have Complications?

Just like any procedure, liposuction can have complications. However, at the Dr Lanzer clinic you are in good hands. You will be fully informed before the procedure and be made aware of any precautions you need to take before the liposuction takes place. By taking into account the guidelines of our medical staff, chances on complications are very small.

Patients are also able to contact our clinic after the surgery. You will be given a phone number that can be used out of the office hours as well. If you have any questions or concerns, you are more than free to give us a call. In short, Dr Lanzer or his medical staff will be available at all times.

Are There Different Liposuction Procedures?

There are a number of liposuction procedures. The medical world is always evolving, so procedures have become a lot more effective and less intrusive. A good example of such a procedure is tumescent liposuction, which is now one of the most common types of liposuction for women.

Tumescent liposuction is done under local anesthetic, which is less dangerous than going under full anesthetic. A lot of patients are usually fearful for full anesthetic as well, so it puts their mind at rest when they come in for a procedure. During this procedure, the surgeon will use a local anesthetic on the area where the fat will be removed. However, there are some patients that will still need general anesthetic for the procedure, depending on the areas targeted.

There are also a number of additional liposuction procedures that are still in place today. One of them is ultrasound-assisted liposuction, where ultrasound is used to liquefy fat before removal. The ultrasound makes it easier to remove the fat from the body, reducing the chances on complications as well. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is usually implemented for fat removal from the upper abdomen, hips and back.

Another option for liposuction is laser-assisted liposuction. This particular liposuction technique can be compared to ultrasound-assisted liposuction. However, there is a difference between the two, because laser-assisted liposuction uses low-energy waves instead of ultrasound to liquefy the fat. Once the fat has been liquefied, it will be removed through a small cannula.

The procedures mentioned above are just a few liposuction options you may encounter. However, we do need to mention that there are more variants of these common liposuction procedures. The procedure you will opt for will depend on the evaluation of the surgeon and your particular problem.

Can Liposuction Be A Solution For Medical Conditions?

There are a number of medical conditions where liposuction can provide the solution. Such medical conditions include lipomas, lipodystrophy and excessive sweating. If you are struggling with a particular medical problem relating to excess fat, please contact the Dr Lanzer clinic for advice.

Am I Going To Be Left With Excess Skin?

Excess skin can be a problem for patients undergoing a dramatic weight loss, however, with liposuction there is less chance of excess skin. Before your procedure, Dr Lanzer and the medical team will evaluate your physical fitness, but also the elasticity of your skin. Young people who come in for liposuction usually have less chance of excess skin due to the fact that their skin is still very elastic. Patients who only come in to remove a small amount of fat in problem areas will also not have any problems with excess skin.

Patients who have concerns about excess skin before undergoing liposuction should convey their concerns to Dr Lanzer. By doing so, Dr Lanzer can explain to you how the procedure will affect your body and what you could encounter. But rest assured, the clinic of Dr Lanzer will always try to avoid problems with excess skin.

What Can I Expect After My Liposuction Surgery?

All the side effect of liposuction after the surgery are controlled and monitored by the Dr Lanzer clinic. This way, patients will not encounter a large amount of discomfort after the procedure. Common side effects after a procedure are temporary swelling, general soreness and irritation. We do need to mention that these side effects are temporary and that most patients recover from their procedure very quickly.

Could I Call Up If I Have A Question About Liposuction Or Another Procedure?

Do you have a question relating to liposuction or another procedure you found on the Dr Lanzer website? Feel free to give us a call for more information. Simply call 1800-444-333 or fill in a free personal assessment form to make an appointment at our clinic.

A targeted liposuction procedure, as displayed in this case study, can reshape the female body. As this case study indicates, most patients obtaining a liposuction procedure do so to tackle persistent fat deposits, which the patient has been unable to get rid of despite a healthy diet and regular exercise. Therefore, liposuction procedures could be an option for patients who are on their target weight, but are unable to shift excess fats in certain areas.

The areas that can be treated with a liposuction procedure are diverse, as seen in our overview of case studies. However, one of the most common areas where persistent fat deposits reside is the abdomen, since the storage of fat is quite normal in this area. The results obtained by the patients in these case studies can be of a more long term nature, but only if the patient maintains a healthy diet and exercises regularly after their procedure. If you have any questions about maintaining the results of a liposuction procedure, be sure to speak to your cosmetic surgeon during one of your consultations. You will also receive this information by our medical team before the procedure takes place, and additional information regarding aftercare is also available on the Dr Lanzer website.

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"All photographs represent one person's experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients of Dr Lanzer. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken.

Some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up."

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