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Pregnancy & Breast Feeding

Pregnancy & Breast Feeding

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Many patients enquire about the effect of a previous pregnancy in relation to their cosmetic surgery. Most women experience some excess fat deposits after their pregnancy, and some of these women cannot shed the weight despite diet and exercise. There might be some sagging skin too, in which case a post-pregnancy liposuction might be a solution.

To help patients understand the relation between pregnancy and cosmetic surgery procedures, we have listed some of the common questions asked by female patients below. If you have a question pertaining to this, be sure to read the info below.

Will Results from Liposuction Disappear After Pregnancy?

Liposculpture removes fat from those genetically prone areas. My experience of over twenty-five years has been that with pregnancy, there is general weight gain. Following pregnancy, there is general weight loss. Those areas that had liposuction do not become a local nuisance area following pregnancy. The reason being is that the fat cells have been physically removed with liposculpture and therefore, it is hard to put on fat selectively in those areas as compared to how it was before the liposuction. Therefore, many of my patients have had multiple pregnancies following liposuction and have still been happy with their liposuction. In short, they have found long-term value from the liposuction.

Of course, it is important to keep a balanced diet and exercise regularly post-pregnancy. It is vital to let your body heal first, but as soon as you are able to do so, moving more and continuing to eat healthily will benefit you greatly.

Pregnancy and Breast feeding post liposuction

Can I Breastfeed after Breast Reduction Through Liposuction?

I have had many patients who had breast reduction through liposuction and who have been able to breastfeed following the procedure. Liposculpture does not involve the cutting of tissue, so there is no definite resection or cutting of the glands to the nipple. It has been reported that patients who have surgical mammoplasty may have difficulty breastfeeding. The truth is that patients with large breasts often do have a difficulty in breastfeeding. Many of the patients who come to me for breast reduction have told me that they were unable to breastfeed.

Therefore, one cannot be definitive and give guarantees that the patient could breastfeed after breast reduction, as they may have never been able to breastfeed. I think it is important to be open with the options when it is relevant.

The breast reduction through liposuction is performed through tiny little incisions, which fill up the breasts with the fluid. Then, the fat is suctioned out through those little nicks.

What Is the “Mummy Makeover”?

Pregnancy can certainly affect the body in many ways, which leads women to look at cosmetic surgery. This is classically being called a “mummy makeover”.

With pregnancy, there is stretching of the skin, fat, and collagen of the stomach wall. There is also stretching and loosening of the actual muscle layer. Both areas can be improved with a tummy tuck. I perform the lipo-tummy tuck, which involves first performing the tumescent liposuction followed by the liposuction. I was very impressed with the safety figures reported by the surgeons that I trained with in America and the published studies. The tumescent fluid in my opinion reduces the risk of bleeding and infection. It allows me to perform the procedure on an outpatient basis. Therefore, there is no post-operative requirement in the hospital.

The tummy tuck may involve just removal of skin or skin and fat or possibly tightening of the muscle and replacement of the belly button when we perform the full tummy tuck. Some patients who had gone through pregnancy can in fact get away with just the liposculpture. I will often use the superficial liposculpture technique which causes enhanced skin contraction and no surgical excision may be required.

Discover Pregnancy & Breast Feeding Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Pregnancy & Breast Feeding liposuction procedures. Liposuction does not in any way effect the ability to get pregnant. In fact, some patients who have had mega liposuction for weight loss have found it easier to get pregnant after the procedure.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Face Liposuction clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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What Procedures Are Obtained by Women After Their Pregnancy?

Pregnancy also changes patient’s facial features due to weight gain and loss. Some patients do find that they benefit from neck treatment such as liposculpture or skin textural treatments. We offer a full range of skin rejuvenation procedures.

A common question asked at the Dr Lanzer Clinic relates to treatments that could be executed during a pregnancy.  Even though our treatments are safe, the Dr Lanzer Clinic never recommends getting cosmetic surgery during a pregnancy.

Pregnancy can also cause dilatation of veins and ORA laser is used to close veins. One of the most common causes of pigmentation is pregnancy. This is called chloasma. It is more common in olive skin patients and people with Asian roots. We specialise in treatment of this type of facial pigmentation. It uses a combination of fading creams such as hydroquinone and cosmeceuticals that help make the skin lighter. It may be combined with glycolic peels, medical microdermabrasion, and laser such as the YAG RevLite.

Can Muscle Relaxants Be Used During Pregnancy?

No they are not to be used during pregnancy. 

Is It Safe to Get Liposuction After Pregnancy?

Women can get liposuction after their pregnancy. However, we often recommend holding off on the procedure if you intend on having more children in the future, since another child could affect the results obtained during a liposuction procedure.

Pregnancy and Breast feeding post liposuction 1

Should I Get a Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy?

Choosing the right treatment often depends on your needs. Some women experience some sagging skin after pregnancy, in which case the tummy tuck might be the appropriate solution. However, liposuction could be more suitable for women who suffer from persistent fat deposits after this stage.

Patients can only discover the best treatment by getting an appointment with Dr Lanzer. After an evaluation, Dr Lanzer can determine which treatment is most appropriate for your needs.

Can Liposuction Affect My Next Pregnancy?

Even though liposuction cannot affect your next pregnancy, results obtained from the procedure may be affected by another pregnancy. While it is harder to regain fat in the area that has been treated, significant weight gain could affect treatment results. Therefore, we recommend holding off on the procedure until you finish having children.

How Long After Pregnancy Can You Get Liposuction?

We usually advise patients to take their time before getting liposuction after a pregnancy, since the body needs time to adjust again. Some women can eliminate excess fat they gained during this stage through diet and exercise, in which case a liposuction may not be needed.

What Is the Cost of Liposuction After Pregnancy?

The cost of breast reduction starts at around $4000 and is very competitive when comparing to the surgical removal. Some of the costs for breast reduction may be covered by Medicare or private health insurance depending on the size and symptoms.

We must mention that the cost of post-pregnancy liposuction is different for each patient, since the needs of individual patients can vary too. Some women many only require the removal of persistent fats, while other women may require excess skin removal and more. Therefore, we recommend requesting an estimate from your cosmetic surgery clinic for a more accurate view of your procedure cost.

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