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Female Body Sculpture Procedures

Female Body Sculpture Procedures

Female body sculpture procedures   are   liposuction  procedures  aimed  at  sculpting
the   body  of  a  patient,  subsequently  giving  her  a  more  athletic  appearance.

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Below, you will find an overview of female body sculpture liposuction procedures, each with their own characteristics and properties.

Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction is one of the treatments that falls under the umbrella of female body sculpture liposuction procedures. This treatment from the female body sculpture liposuction procedures list is aimed at patients who are already on their target weight, but have been failing to shift persistent fats despite a good exercise routine and balanced diet.

Lipo with the Vaser technique will contour and reshape the body. Because of this function, it is obtained by both men and women who want a more athletic physique, but still struggle with persistent fats. 

Female Body Sculpture Procedures

The Procedure

A Vaser lipo procedure is usually executed under a local anaesthetic. During this procedure, the surgeon will insert a small probe in the treatment area, which liquefies the fat cells before they are removed via a gentle suction process.


Vaser lipo will require some downtime or recovery time. The amount of time needed to recover varies from patient to patient, but also depends on the size of the treatment area or the number of treatment areas.

During the recovery, patients should expect bruising and swelling. Patients should also avoid strenuous physical activity until Dr Lanzer has given the patient permission to do so.

Micro Liposuction

Micro lipo is a procedure focussed on small body parts with excess fat deposits; this includes the chin. In some cases, the female patients are suffering from a disproportionate body shape due to persistent fats. These fats can be removed with a micro lipo procedure, providing the patient is eligible for the procedure.

Female patients who are usually eligible for micro lipo have tried to lose the excess fat through a balanced diet and exercise before they consider the procedure. With micro lipo, the patient can obtain a more contoured body with enhanced definition.

Like other lipo procedures, the micro lipo procedure requires some recovery. However, the incisions made during this procedure usually do not require stitches, since they are usually small in nature. However, patients should still follow the guidelines provided by our clinic and only resume their normal activities when given the all clear by their cosmetic surgery.

Discover The Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Female Body Sculpture Procedures. The procedure can be executed on several parts of the body as well; this includes the upper arms, buttocks, thighs and the abdomen.

If you’re looking to remove fat from your body, get a free no-obligation consultation at the Melbourne clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Other Female Body Sculpture Procedures Focussed on Contouring and Sculpting

The procedures mentioned above are just a few examples of procedures that belong in the female body sculpture procedures category. If you intend on having a lipo procedure, please make sure to acquire the right information from your surgeon about the procedure, so you can go into the treatment being fully informed.

How to Prepare for a Lipo Procedure?

Before you have your lipo procedure, there are certain preparations you must make. If you have no experience with such procedures, or would like to know what this preparation involves, please read our overview of lipo procedure preparations below.

Take Good Care of Your Skin

Even though it may seem trivial before you have your procedure, it is important to take excellent care of your skin before having your lipo procedure. By making sure your skin is in good condition, you could contribute to the results you have after your treatment.

Possible MRSA Test

In some cases, the cosmetic surgery may require you to have an MRSA test; this is a common test executed on patients who need a surgical operation. MRSA is a specific type of bacteria, which is quite resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, these types of infections are more difficult to treat than others.

Even though MRSA infections are quite harmless on their own, they can become a problem for patients undergoing surgery. If the MRSA test comes back positive, you will be deemed ineligible for the treatment for now. The patient then receives treatment for MRSA. Once this has cleared up, the patient will be deemed eligible for the procedure.

Female Body Sculpture Procedures

Stop Smoking

One of the most important things to do before you have any surgical procedure is stop smoking. Ideally, patients should stop smoking several weeks before their procedure, since smoking can cause problems during the procedure itself, but also during your recovery process.

Having problems giving up cigarettes? For help to stop smoking, please contact your nearest health professional or local GP.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Being strong and in good general health can promote the healing process after your surgery. Therefore, make sure to follow a balanced diet with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Also, try to avoid alcohol and drink enough water to promote healthy skin.

Before your procedure, it is also advised to exercise on a regular basis. By exercising regularly, you do not only keep your heart and blood vessels healthy, you also make sure that you have a nice muscle tone.

Avoid Aspirin Before and After your Surgery

Patients should avoid the use of aspirin a couple of days before their surgery, but should also avoid it during their recovery. Aspirin increases the chance of bleeding, so it needs to be avoided to reduce the chance of bleeding complications during your surgery.

Could I Benefit from Female Body Sculpture Procedures?

Have you tried to shed excess fat deposits with a good diet and exercise, but not had much success shedding those final fats? Then you might be eligible for female body sculpture procedures. However, to determine you are a good candidate for this procedure, you will need to make an appointment with Dr Lanzer.

Do you want to make an appointment with Dr Lanzer? Or would you like to receive more information about one of the lipo procedures available at the Dr Lanzer Clinic? For more information, please contact the Dr Lanzer clinic via telephone or email, and our staff will be more than happy to help you further.

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