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Blepharoplasty For Men

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that is also known under the name eyelid surgery or eyelid lift. During this treatment, the cosmetic surgery can remove excess skin and excess fat from the eye region, subsequently tackling issues such as puffiness, dark circles, sagging skin, ptosis, eye bags, loose skin and more. Male blepharoplasty can be obtained for more than restoring the person’s youthful appearance though, as it can restore the patient’s field of vision, which was previously obstructed by protruding fat or skin on the eyelids.

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Where is the procedure performed?

Where is the procedure performed?

I like to perform this procedure whilst the patient is asleep as it is not all that comfortable to be awake. It is therefore performed under light sedation or anaesthesia such as local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic in our day-surgery-centre in Melbourne. Patients from all over Australia fly into Melbourne for the procedure. I consult the patients initially by internet on the procedure and medical history. Once they are comfortable, they can fly in on the day and have the procedure. As we have many centres around Australia, the aftercare is always done at home.

How is the procedure done?

How is the procedure done?

There are 3 procedures that are performed for laser eyelid blepharoplasty. First of all, the upper eyelid skin is removed through an incision cut right deep in the crease of the upper eyelid. This is why there are usually very few visible scars or scarring as the incision is in the natural crease. At the same time fat is removed and stitches are placed there to close the incision. The stitches are removed about 1 week later. When there is wrinkling of the skin particularly in fair-skinned patients, I would perform laser erbium resurfacing to smooth the skin so that it is smoother and tighter in this area. Click on picture above to see more photos.

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    What do I need to know about Blepharoplasty?

    There is a myth that an eyelid rejuvenation can give men a startled or staring appearance. This appearance is classically seen when patients have a brow lift as the eyebrows are in a higher-pitched position and the patient may look startled. With blepharoplasty, the results from blepharoplasty are generally more natural as just the skin is removed from the upper eyelid while the brow remains in the same position. The lower eyelid is treated with the removal of fat bags and possibly wrinkles.

    Contrary to popular belief, a blepharoplasty does not need to be executed on all eyelids at the same time. Some patients only require treatment of the upper lid or the lower lid. For treatments of the lower eyelid, the surgeon can refer to the treatment as lower eyelid surgery or lower blepharoplasty. For procedures on the upper eyelid, the cosmetic surgery can refer to the treatment as upper eyelid surgery or upper blepharoplasty.

    Many male eyelid surgery procedures can be combined with laser resurfacing, especially if the patient obtains the procedure for rejuvenation purposes. When blepharoplasty surgery is combined with laser resurfacing, it leaves the texture of the skin rejuvenated and eliminates some fine lines and wrinkles on the eye area.
    Points to note regarding Blepharoplasty include it being a fairly straightforward procedure performed with a laser that makes the face look younger healthier and less tired.

    When lasers were introduced in 1994, I was involved with a group of dermatologists who taught other cosmetic surgeries and dermatologist surgeons how to perform the procedures. I did my initial training in America in Oklahoma with the surgeons who pioneered these procedures. Dermatologists have played a great role in the development and introduction of lasers in cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery. A lot of the early developments that I was involved in were featured on programs such as “Today Tonight”, “A Current Affairs”, and “Mid Day Show” with Ray Martin.

    All photographs represent one person’s experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken. The best results are obtained when the procedure is combined with a balanced diet and exercise.

    As a disclaimer, some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up.

    What Else Do I Need to Know About Blepharoplasty For Men?

    What results can be expected?

    What results can be expected?

    This facelift procedure results generally are described as natural in that the male patients look the same but just more rejuvenation. Having performed this procedure for over 20 years, I believe the results are very long-lasting. I have performed it in patients of all different age groups from those in their 20’s up to their 80’s.

    What is the goal of eyelid surgery?

    What is the goal of eyelid surgery?

    The goal of surgery is to make the patient look less tired and reduce the signs of aging. When skin hangs over the upper eyelids, it gives a very tired appearance to the face as does the fat bags of the lower lid which causes shadowing. In some patients, their skin can bother their vision in which case there is a real medical need for this procedure.

    What’s new in laser eyelid rejuvenation, Blepharoplasty?

    What’s new in laser eyelid rejuvenation, Blepharoplasty?

    The biggest breakthrough in our hands was the introduction of the laser. We use a CO2 laser in a cutting mode. This allows me to reduce or stop bleeding and gives me the best visual appearance of the area that we are removing. There is also always a lot of fat underneath for removal. With the laser, this can easily be removed. The advantage as well as seen on the lower eyelid where the fat bags are removed from inside the eyelid and there is actually no stitches or cutting of the skin on the outside which means less scarring and less risk of the lower lid is pulled down?

    Discover Blepharoplasty Advantages!

    An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Blepharoplasty procedures. The lower eyelid fat bags are removed from within the eyelid and this creates a more natural shape to the lower eyelid and removes the shadow.

    If you’re looking to remove fat from the eyelid, get a free consultation at Brisbane Blepharoplasty clinic.


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    We can email all patients a detailed consent form that provides information related to the surgery. This information is made available to all patients before surgery, allowing enough time for the patient to ask any questions they may have.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Blepharoplasty For Men?

    People often ask me: “Will people be able to tell that I have had it done?” The majority of patients answer no. It does give a natural result with patients just looking fresher and healthier.

    The lower eyelid heals in a couple of days. The upper eyelid takes 7-10 days for men.

    In some facelift patients, one has to look at a brow lift because the brows are droopy and they need to be lifted, either through a direct incision of a brow lift, directly above the eyebrow or through an endoscopic brow lift higher up in the scalp.

    Occasionally, we inject fat and other fillers into the cheeks to support the lower eyelid as well depending on the desired results.

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