Male Eye Rejuvenation Before And After Photos - By Dr Lanzer

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Male Eye Rejuvenation Before And After Photos

Before Male Eye Rejuvenation Before And After Photos

Man Pre Eye Rejuvenation Surgery

After Male Eye Rejuvenation Before And After Photos.

Man Post Eye Rejuvenation Surgery

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What Do I Need To Know for Removal of Wrinkles?


Lasers are dangerous.

Many people feel that lasers may be dangerous or that laser resurfacing is an invasive procedure. In fact, having performed laser resurfacing since its inception in 1994, I can verify that lasers are very safe when used appropriately. Some of the early lasers such as the CO2 caused more burning and heating of the skin which left the skin red whilst the more recent lasers such as the Contour Erbium laser does not do this in the same way. As the procedure is only removing the outer few millimetres of the skin it is not an invasive cutting procedure.


The goal is to end up with a smooth complexion without wrinkles, pigmentation and blotching. When the skin has laser resurfacing it looks refreshed and un-sun-damaged.


There are different approaches to lasers. The new development has been to fractionate lasers and devices. This allows the laser to work in minute spots so that there is not a full face effect. It means that the skin heals quicker. It also means that it can be performed on patients who have olive skinned. Ordinarily, olive skinned patients do not do well with laser resurfacing because of the risk of pigmentation after the laser. There are a number of different fractionated lasers. These include fractionated CO2, fractionated erbium, and fractionated radiofrequency called Viva. There are also mechanical fractionated treatments such as needling or Dermapen. A common procedure in our clinic is the Viva which is a new form of fractionated radiofrequency.


Dr. Lanzer has Contour Erbium laser available both in his state-of-the-art centre in Melbourne and also in his Dlumière Esthétique centre in Pitt Street in Sydney in the city.


Localised areas of laser resurfacing can be performed under local anesthetic and would just involve a few injections. When a full face deep laser resurfacing is performed, it is performed under a general anesthetic. A laryngeal mask is used so that it is fairly light.


The results are visible as soon as the skin heals over within 5-7 days following a deep laser. Lighter fractionated lasers heal in a few days. The results are long-lasting and Dr. Lanzer has performed laser resurfacing on patients from 20 years earlier who can still see their results.


Patients will be able to apply makeup and get back to work in approximately a week’s time.


In the past, we also used chemical peels. These have mostly been superseded by laser and radiofrequency devices. However, in some cases, they are a worthwhile option.


Will laser resurfacing scar?

Scarring is very uncommon with laser resurfacing. New dressings make the skin heal over quicker and have less or no pain. If a patient has a previous history of cold sores they would need the antibiotic tablets to be taken as well.


The ideal patient is a fair skinned person with fine wrinkles particularly around the mouth and eyes typically seen from sun damage, pollution, and smoking. Laser resurfacing can also be performed for acne scarring. It can improve scarring but does not always remove all the scars. Laser resurfacing is also used on unwanted lesions such as moles and seborrheic keratoses on the face and body.


Laser resurfacing can be performed on people of all ages since the device can be used on all different modalities from extremely light as a mini peel to a deep wrinkle removal.


Dr. Lanzer was initially featured on a laser special with Jennifer Keyte called “Invisible Knife” where he described the use of lasers in cosmetic surgery.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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