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Gynaecomastia Treatment

Gynaecomastia Treatment

Gynaecomastia Treatment

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Gynaecomastia is a common problem amongst the male population in Australia. The treatment of this condition may involve male breast reduction or man boob surgery, which can reduce the size of the male breast and give the chest a more desirable shape. To learn more about gynaecomastia, and the cosmetic surgery treatments available to resolve this problem. Please read our information below.

What Is Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is the name used to refer to an enlargement of the male breast tissue. This enlargement can have numerous causes and is therefore not uncommon amongst the male population.

What Are the Causes of Male Breast Enlargement?

Male breast enlargement can have a pathological or a physiological cause. To understand each of these causes, let us look at both pathological and physiological causes in more detail.

Physiological Causes of Male Breast Enlargement

The physiological causes of male breast enlargement may occur during the various stages of the man’s life; this includes birth, adolescent and middle-age. At birth, male breast enlargement can be caused by maternal oestrogens, but this type of male breast enlargement tends to dissipate after a couple of weeks.

Male breast enlargement can also be caused by a delay in testosterone production, which often occurs during puberty; this type of enlargement tends to dissipate over time as well. However, most men encounter enlarged breasts of a more more long term nature as they age; this is commonly associated with a lack of testosterone. This last cause of enlarged breasts can therefore be classified as a pathological cause as well.

Gynaecomastia in men

Pathological Causes of Male Breast Enlargement

The pathological causes of male breast enlargement are usually connected to hormone production. Therefore, a lack of testosterone or increased levels of oestrogen can be a common denominator in the appearance of enlarged breasts in men.

In addition to hormonal changes, there are additional causes of a pathological nature that may create the problem of enlarged breasts in men; this includes the use of certain medications, long-term diabetes, chronic illness and spinal cord injury.

What Is Gynaecomastia Treatment in Cosmetic Surgery?

To reduce the size of the enlarged breasts in male patient, a surgical procedure called the male breast reduction is performed. During this procedure, the surgeon will make an incision around the nipple and use a liposuction technique to remove any excess fatty tissue.

In most cases, the incision is situated around the nipple, but when there is a lot of tissue to be removed, the surgeon may extend the incisions and reposition the nipple to change the appearance of the male chest.

Discover Gynaecomastia Procedure Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Gynaecomastia procedure. If you are considering undergoing man boob surgery, but want additional information regarding the risks or the procedure itself, please book a consultation at the Dr Lanzer Clinic for more information on the subject. Alternatively, patients can visit one of our many information pages to learn more about this procedure and what it entails.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the breast, get a free consultation at Melbourne clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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What Are the Side-Effects of Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Every surgical procedure is accompanied by side-effects, so patients must take a recovery period into consideration. The most common side-effects experienced after breast reduction surgery include sore breasts, swelling, bruising and scars. Most side-effects fade over the course of the recovery process, but patients must consider that a scar around the nibble may remain after surgery.

What Are the Risks Associated with Male Breast Surgery?

Surgery is always accompanied by a certain number of risks, whether that surgery is of a cosmetic nature or not. Therefore, it is important for male patients to be informed about the risks accompanying man boob surgery.

If the surgeon you have chosen for your man boob surgery does not have the required experience, it may lead to problems such as obvious scarring and uneven shaped breasts. Man boob surgery can also include additional risks during the recovery process as well; this includes wound healing problems and the development of lumps, bruising and swelling.

At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, the safety of our patients is paramount; therefore, our patients must undergo thorough screening before they are eligible for man boob surgery. The patient in question will also be given information regarding the procedure and be required to sign a consent form before the man boob surgery takes place; this to ensure that the patient fully understands the procedure and the risks that accompany it.

What Should I Consider During Recovery?

Before you leave the Dr Lanzer Clinic, you will be given clear information on your recovery process and what you should be looking out for. The patient will also need to go to a follow-up appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic shortly after their procedure; this to make sure that the treatment area is healing properly and to avoid any complications the patient may be dealing with.

If you are concerned about a complication before your follow-up appointment, do not hesitate to contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic for an emergency appointment. The safety of our patients is most important to us, so we urge you to contact our clinic if you believe something is wrong.

Gynaecomastia Condition

How Do I Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon to Perform My Gynaecomastia?

No matter what type of cosmetic surgery you intend to have, choosing an experienced surgeon is always important. Every surgical procedure is accompanied by risk, so the experience of the surgeon you have chosen could be a deciding factor.

Before you choose a cosmetic surgery to perform a male breast reduction, always look at the experience of the surgeon in question. Find out how many male breast reductions the surgeon has performed in the past and find out if the surgeon has any before and after pictures of previous procedures available on his website. If there is not enough information present, then it is best to choose another surgeon.

Of course, patients can come to the Dr Lanzer for their male breast reduction surgery. Dr Lanzer has more than 30 years’ experience and has performed many male breast reduction procedures in the past. To book a consultation with Dr Lanzer regarding male breast reduction, please contact our friendly receptionists via telephone or email.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Gynaecomastia Treatment

Often swelling on the male chest is not from excess fat, but by an anomalous accentuation of the mammary gland. Due to this the only effective treatment method is surgery.

Using our special liposuction technique, Gynecomastia surgery involves a small incision under the nipple to access the breast tissue and fat. If required, the gland is easily excised and sent to pathology for analysis.

With surgery being the only treatment for Gynecomastia, our life-changing minimally invasive procedure can be done quickly and effectively at our cosmetics suites and accredited day hospitals via liposuction.

There are many reasons for excess breast tissue and enlarged glands in men, however aside from low self-esteem and feeling unmasculine, Gynecomastia is not a serious medical problem.


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