Gynaecomastia Surgery Procedure Explained By Dr Daniel Lanzer
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Gynaecomastia Treatment
Gynaecomastia Surgery

Gynaecomastia Surgery

Gynaecomastia Surgery

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Gynaecomastia is a common problem amongst men, not only in Australia, but in the rest of the world as well. To reduce the size of the enlarged male breasts, a cosmetic procedure known as man boob surgery can be executed. To learn more about this gynaecomastia surgery for the treatment of gynaecomastia, please read our information below.

How Is Man Boob Surgery Performed?

A male breast reduction is performed by making an incision on the edge of the nipple or on the armpit. Through that incision, the surgeon can remove the excess fat and glandular tissue that is causing gynaecomastia. The removal of excess tissue usually occurs through liposuction; this requires the insertion of a small cannula during man boob surgery.

What Types of Liposuction Can Be Used During Man Boob Surgery?

During man boob surgery, cosmetic surgerys can use three types of liposuction. The type of liposuction used to treat gynaecomastia depends on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed and the desired aesthetic result the patient wants to obtain.

Below, patients can find an overview of liposuction techniques that may be used by cosmetic surgerys to treat gynaecomastia. However, it is important to realise that liposuction techniques used during a male breast reduction can vary by the preference of the cosmetic surgery executing the treatment as well.

Gynaecomastia surgery

Vaser Liposuction

The first type of liposuction that can be used during a male breast reduction is Vaser liposuction. Vaser usually does not require a general anaesthetic and can differentiate between fat and other important structures that may be present in a treatment area; this includes important structures such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues.

When Vaser liposuction is applied to a treatment area, the fat is liquefied. Once the fat has transformed, it can be removed through a small cannula, which is connected to a vacuum that provides gentle suction.

Vaser liposuction is currently being used for patients who want to obtain a more athletic and defined look. However, Vaser tends to be most effective when only a small amount of fat needs to be removed.

Discover Gynaecomastia Procedure Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Gynaecomastia surgery procedure. Of course, supporting the treated area is not the only function of the compression garment, since this garment can also reduce some of the bruising and swelling you experience after your procedure.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the breast, get a free consultation at Melbourne Gynaecomastia Surgery clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Micro Liposuction

During a micro liposuction, the cosmetic surgery uses a cannula that measures less than 3 mm in size. By using a smaller cannula, there is less risk of skin irregularities or depressions. However, we do need to state that these side-effects are still a possibility, even with the use of a smaller cannula.

Surgical Liposuction

When a patient is not eligible for micro liposuction or Vaser liposuction, the cosmetic surgery will need to use a surgical liposuction technique. The technique is most suited for patients requiring the removal of a larger amount of fat or glandular tissue.

Surgical liposuction is often accompanied by a general anaesthetic, since more fat and tissue is removed during this procedure. In some cases, surgical liposuction may require an overnight stay at the cosmetic surgery facility, depending on the scope of the executed treatment.

What Should I Expect After Gynaecomastia Surgery?

Surgical procedures are always accompanied by some risks and patients need to consider their recovery before the procedure takes place. Patients having a male breast reduction procedure can expect bruising and swelling of the breasts shortly after the procedure, so it can be a good idea to take some time off work once the procedure is performed.

Patients will receive a compression garment after their male breast reduction as well. The compression garment will support the treated area for several weeks, until the cosmetic surgery gives the patient permission to no longer wear the compression garment. 

What Pain Management Is Provided the First Week After Male Breast Reduction?

Patients may require some over-the-counter pain medication during the first week after the procedure, since pain and discomfort are not uncommon after a surgical procedure. However, patients must avoid taking aspirin, since this may affect the healing process negatively.

male Gynaecomastia surgery

What Can I Expect from the Recovery Process?

To avoid complications post-surgery, it is recommended to do some light walking during the first couple of days after the procedure. However, strenuous activities and rigorous exercise must be avoided until the cosmetic surgery says it’s okay to start exercising again.

If you have a physically demanding job, it is recommended to take extra time off work. Doing a physically demanding job before your body has been given the ability to heal can cause complications. Therefore, always consult your cosmetic surgery when in doubt regarding your work activities and their effect on your recovery.

During your recovery, you may notice some skin pulling around the chest area when you move around. Even though this is a normal part of your recovery process, patients may find this a little uncomfortable.

Can Male Breast Reduction Surgery Have Complications?

Every type of cosmetic gynaecomastia surgery is accompanied by risks; this means that certain complications may arise during the recovery process. Common complications associated with liposuction surgery include bruising, swelling, scarring, lumps and nerve damage.

Before you leave the Dr Lanzer Clinic, you will be given detailed information on your recovery and the signs you need to look out for after having male breast reduction surgery. If you believe you are suffering from complications after your surgery, it is important to contact your cosmetic surgery right away for an emergency appointment. Even though complications are uncommon when receiving treatment from an experienced surgeon, they are always possible, so always make an appointment even if you are unsure if it is anything serious.

Can I Have Male Breast Reduction Surgery at the Dr Lanzer Clinic?

Male breast reduction surgery is possible at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. Dr Daniel Lanzer has more than 30 years’ experience and has performed numerous liposuction surgeries over the year. To see if your gynaecomastia could be solved by a male breast reduction, please contact our team of receptionists and book an appointment with Dr Lanzer at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

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