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Gynaecomastia Treatment
What Is Gynaecomastia?

What Is Gynaecomastia?

What Is Gynaecomastia?

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Gynaecomastia condition is common amongst men in Australia and the rest of the world. But what is this condition exactly and what are the causes. To learn more about the enlargement of the male breast tissue, please read the information provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic below!

What Are the Causes of the Gynaecomastia Condition?

The gynaecomastia condition can have many pathological and physiological causes. The treatment of the condition can depend on its cause, so it is important for health professionals to determine the cause before a specific treatment can be recommended.

Below, patients can find an overview of possible causes for enlarged man breasts. Some of these causes only lead to a temporary case of gynaecomastia, while other causes can make the gynaecomastia condition more more long term.

Hormonal imbalance

A hormonal imbalance is the most common cause for the enlargement of male breasts. There are numerous sex hormones inside the human body and an imbalance of these specific hormones can lead to a condition such as gynaecomastia. For men, the imbalance is caused by a lack of testosterone or an excess amount of oestrogen.

In most cases, the cause of the hormonal imbalance can be traced back to the use of certain medications or the use of certain supplements. However, there are some rare cases where the exact cause of the hormonal imbalance cannot be determined.

Gynaecomastia Condition


Overweight is another common cause of enlarged male breasts, because excess fat can be stored in the chest area. Most patients with an excess amount of fat in the chest due to overweight, can tackle the problem by adopting a healthier lifestyle and losing weight. However, some fatty tissue can be persistent and will not disappear despite healthy eating habits and plenty of exercise. In these cases, the patient in question may need a male breast reduction.

Excess Oestrogen at Birth

Some baby boys can experience enlarged breasts at birth; this is caused by an excess amount of oestrogen that passes through the placenta from the mother to the baby. This type of gynaecomastia is usually of a temporary nature, since hormones tend to balance themselves out after birth. Therefore, parents can expect the enlargement to disappear over the course of a few weeks.

If your child still shows enlarged breasts after a couple of weeks have passed, it is best to contact a health professional for advice. If your baby boy struggles with a hormonal imbalance due to an underlying medical condition, it is best to get your child evaluated as soon as possible to tackle the problem.


Boys can also experience enlarged breasts during puberty, because hormone levels can start to fluctuate during this time of a young man’s life. If testosterone levels start to decrease, the oestrogen level that is already present inside the body may cause the breasts to grow.

Enlarged breasts during puberty tend to dissipate over time, since the hormone balance of a young adult becomes more stable as he gets older. However, similar with enlarged breasts at birth, it may be a good idea to get your son evaluated to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

The Natural Ageing Process

Unfortunately, the risk of developing gynaecomastia does not disappear when a young adult reaches adulthood, because the condition can also develop as a man grows older. When a man gets older, the body starts to procedure less testosterone. Therefore, older men tend to have more body fat, which in turn leads to additional oestrogen production and growing breast tissue.

Discover The Gynaecomastia Condition!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Gynaecomastia procedure. Please refer to the additional information pages on the Dr Lanzer website.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the breast, get a free consultation at the Melbourne clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Certain types of medication can lead to enlarged male breasts, because their ingredients could cause a hormonal imbalance. Common medications types that could lead to this problem are anti-ulcer medications or heart disease medications.

Medical Conditions

As we mentioned earlier, there are medical conditions that may stimulate the growth of breast tissue; this includes conditions such as kidney failure, liver disease, Klinefelter’s syndrome and an infection of the testicles. Because of the possibility of medical conditions being the underlying cause of enlarged breasts, it is essential for each patient to be evaluated thoroughly before a specific treatment is suggested.

Gynaecomastia Condition in men

What Are the Treatments for Gynaecomastia?

The treatment of the condition varies on the cause. For example, if the patient has accumulated an excess amount of fatty tissue in the breast region because of obesity, the first course of action will be changing the patient’s eating habits and increase their exercise. However, if a hormonal imbalance is the root of the problem, the patient may need medication to treat the condition.

Despite lifestyle changes and medication, some men may still struggle with persistent fat deposits in the breast region. Those patients may be eligible for a male breast reduction, also known under the common name ‘man boob surgery’.

During man boob surgery, a cosmetic surgery removes the excess tissue through liposuction. To do this, the surgeon must make an incision on the edge of the nipple, or within the armpit, to gain access to the treatment area. When the incision is made, the surgeon can insert a small cannula (small tube) and remove the excess fat through gentle suction.

Even though man boob surgery is usually performed by liposuction, the surgeon may also use the so-called tissue excision during man boob surgery; this happens when a larger amount of fat needs to be removed during the procedure.

Can I Obtain a Male Breast Reduction at the Dr Lanzer Clinic?

Dr Lanzer is specialised in liposuction, so male breast reduction is also one of the treatments available at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. To find out more about this treatment option, please refer to the information pages on our website, or request more information from the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

To book a consultation with Dr Lanzer regarding male breast reduction, please contact our receptionists via telephone or email. Our receptionists will be more than happy to help you.

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