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Male Mini Facelift

With excessive weight loss, men often lose fat and collagen in their midface which causes a drooping and sagging of the cheeks as well as sagging skin and drooping of the neck, making them a good candidate for a facelift procedure. The same appearance is seen with general signs of aging. We explain the male mini facelift below.

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Types Of Male Facelift

Types Of Male Facelift

There are many different types and sub-groups of facelift surgery that can be performed in men. There are deep plane facelifts where the deep fascia is penetrated and removed. This layer is called the SMAS. Some patients do require a deep layer or full facelift. However, it has been our experience over 25 years that most men are looking for a more subtle lift that gives them what they call a natural appearance or natural results.

In what way is a male mini facelift, “mini”?

In what way is a male mini facelift, “mini”?

Mini means that it is a restricted form of facelift. Some forms of facelifts require lifting the whole face and cutting right into the hair behind the ear. The mini facelift surgery procedure involves only elevating about 5 cm around the ear with a smaller incision, a smaller amount of undermining. This means that generally there are less bruising and swelling and fewer risks. Please note that even a “mini” facelift is still accompanied by some downtime and recovery time is not the same for all patients. While there is less bruising and swelling, it is still an invasive procedure that must be discussed with your cosmetic surgeon.

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    How can a mini facelift for men be “natural”?

    Facial movements such as smiling, weaken the muscles in the underlying tissues and contribute to the sagging of the cheeks and lower face. Also with aging and sun damage, there is generalised thinning of the structures under the skin which includes collagen, elastin, facial tissues, fat, facial muscles, and bone which can affect the elasticity of the facial skin. This all enhances the facial aging and sagging skin appearance on the face and jawline.

    The word natural regarding facelifts does not mean natural as in leaving things to nature but rather restoring one’s facial appearance to how it looked before the skin started to age, say 10-20 years earlier. The best way to understand a natural lift is to stand in front of the mirror and push the cheeks towards the front of the ear. This is the natural type of appearance. It is what patients consider natural results and it is the goal of a mini facelift.

    Depending on the cosmetic procedure used for facial rejuvenation, the results can be more natural or more dramatic. The brow lift is a procedure where the results are somewhat more dramatic compared to other procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), mini facelift, or other surgical procedures. Patients seek more natural results to restore their youthful appearance these days, which is why many surgical techniques have been adjusted and updated to provide this required benefit.

    One of the problems that many patients encounter is less skin laxity or excess skin, which often make wrinkles and fine lines more visible. In these cases, the surgeon can use alternative techniques such as laser resurfacing, botox or fillers instead of changing the facial structure. Of course, this all depends on the severity of the problem and the results the patient wants from their surgical procedures.

    Male Mini Face Lift Considerations

    Do I need a general anesthetic?

    Do I need a general anesthetic?

    No, a lot of men like to have the procedure while they are asleep, but there is a good proportion of patients who prefer to be awake. This has been a very acceptable procedure in our hands. Local anesthetic, using the tumescent liposuction technique, is applied to the neck and area around and front of the ear. This numbs the fat, softens it, and allows me to separate the skin from the underlying muscle. Since it contains adrenaline, there is very little bleeding.

    How often will I need to be seen after a male mini face lift?

    How often will I need to be seen after a male mini face lift?

    We will want to see the patient the next day, usually after a week, and then after a month, and then after a few months. Recovery time and facelift results are different for all patients. All the post-operative care treatments are included in the treatment plan and thus, the original price.

    Where will I see the result of a male mini facelift?

    Where will I see the result of a male mini facelift?

    The most dramatic area of the mini facelift will be seen on the lower part of the face. Usually, there is drooping of the lower cheeks which can be seen around the jowl areas. The other area that will be most noticeable will be the junction from the jaw to the neck. Ideally, there is a flat plane under the chin which then turns to the neck at a 90-degree angle. In some patients, there is so much sagging skin that the loose skin goes almost directly on an angle from the tip of the chin down to the neck with no horizontal component. By changing this angle, a patient can look so significantly different and produce a more youthful appearance and natural results.

    Discover Male Mini Face Lift Advantages!

    An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Male Mini Face Lift procedures. Men now make up a large proportion of patients seeking cosmetic face lift surgery on the face and neck.

    If you’re looking for male facelift surgery, get a free consultation at Brisbane Male Mini Face Lift clinic with our surgeons.

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    What Else Do I Need to Know About Male Mini Facelift?

    What is the risk of keloid scarring?

    Keloid scarring is very rare around the ears. However, scarring does vary between patients. Some patients have almost no scar to a short scar from a facelift whilst others can see a slight thickening around the ear.

    What is the risk of nerve damage with a mini facelift?

    This is certainly a concern to men and women who are having mini face and neck lift surgery. Fortunately, the main nerves that control the muscle movement of the face are not in the exact plane that we operate when performing a mini facelift. Therefore, the risk is low but is not zero. We always see a little bit of numbness at the beginning which is more or related to bruising. This usually passes with time.

    How does one get the face to elevate with a small incision?

    The mini-lift works by placing more long term sutures on the underlying muscles of the face and neck. By pulling up the muscles, there is an immediate lifting result and then the residual loose skin can be easily removed from around the ears.

    How many years younger could a man expect to look after a mini facelift?

    This is an interesting question as one can never be precise on the number of years and facelift results. Some men look 10 years younger and some even 20 years younger in the aging process.

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    Commonly Asked Questions About Male Mini Facelift

    Yes, a lot of men have eye rejuvenation with laser at the same time and the procedures work well together. Sometimes, we will also perform laser resurfacing on wrinkles particularly in women or in fair-skinned people.

    We supply our patients with a 24 hour number so you can always contact us.

    No, a beard is not required. Sideburns may be slightly helpful as far as covering the suture line around the ear. This means that the short scar is broken up and because it stays in the natural crease lines, it is not all that obvious.

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