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Mini Face Lift For Men

Mini Face Lift For Men

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As the year 2014 draws to the end, Dr. Lanzer explains that the procedure that has developed the most interest over the last 12 months has been the mini face lift.

Why Is This Procedure Called A Mini Face Lift As Opposed To A Major Face Lift?

The mini face lift is a term used because the face lift is a less invasive surgical procedure than a deep plane face lift.  With a mini face lift the muscle fibrous layer of the face is actually not cut into or opened up.  Rather, the entire lift is performed on the outer layers of the face.  The way this is done is that sutures which are more long term are tied into the outer muscle.  This gives an immediate lift of the face and the neck.  Once the muscle has been lifted the residual loose skin is cut out from around the ear.  The other reason that this is called a mini face lift is that the extent of the undermining of the tissue is reduced.  In some face lifts the entire cheek is elevated as well as a cut approximately 10 inches into the back of the scalp.  With the mini face lift only about 5 cm of skin is lifted in front of the ear and mostly the incision cuts are directly adjacent to the front and posterior of the ears.

By Performing A Mini Face Lift Are We Going To Receive A Mini Result?

No, the mini lift still gives a really nice cosmetic result.  It is almost identical to how one would look if they stood in front of the mirror and pushed the skin of their cheeks towards their ears.  This is actually what happens when the sutures are placed in the muscle and the skin is removed.  Most patients like a mini lift because the results are natural.  That means that they will not have the startled or pulled look which scares a lot of people.

Mini face lift for Men

Why Are People Choosing The Mini Face Lift?  

People like the mini face lift because the results tend to be natural, because most people can keep it a secret, because the risks are lower since it is less invasive, and because the scars are less because it is mostly just around the ears.

Discover Male Mini Face Lift Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Male Mini Face Lift procedures. Men now make up a large proportion of patient seeking cosmetic face lift surgery on the face and neck.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Male Mini Face Lift clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Where Will One See The Results Of The Mini Face Lift?

The mini face lift results are mostly seen on the lower face where the jowls are often sagging and drooping.  This may present as a heavy fold between the cheek and the lip and chin called the nasolabial fold or the marionette fold.  The other area where the results will be seen is on the neck.  If one takes a photograph of themselves side-on, often there is a direct angle of skin, fat, and muscle from the edge of the chin to the neck.  This means that there is no acute sharp angle of the neck.  An ideal youthful neck is at 90 degrees to the face.  I often comment that if one looks just at the side of the neck with the skin hanging down, it may have an appearance of someone in their 80’s.  Yet, once that skin has been pulled back and there is a sharp angle, the appearance could be of someone in their 20’s.  Obviously, the patient does not look 60 years younger all over, but just in that direct area.  That is the sort of improvement one can hope for when it comes to mini facelift.

Does One Always Do The Neck With A Mini Face Lift?

No.  Mini face lifts can be just the face, just the neck, or the face and the neck.  Often we do the face and the neck together as they form one harmonious unit.


Male face lift

Will I Have Scars In Front Of My Ear If I Have Just A Neck Lift?

No.  The scars from the neck lift are behind the ear.  The scars from the face lift are on the front of the ear.  Fortunately, the scars are not that prominent.  There is a natural groove and curve in front of the ears which starts t the top and goes behind the little cartilage in the middle of the ear called the tragus.  By keeping the scars and the cut in this groove, one tends to end up with scars that are not prominent.

If I Have A Tendency For Keloids, Will This Happen On The Face?

Fortunately, keloids are more common on other areas such as the chest and the back or on the ears.  Keloids don’t tend to come so commonly around the ears but always remain a risk.

Could I Get Nerve Damage With The Mini Face Lift?

Nerve damage can occur with any face lift.  However, the main nerves that are of concern for muscular movement of the face are actually under the main muscles and out of the area where one performs a mini face lift.  Having said that, there is a variation to every patient and one cannot be absolutely sure.  To date we have not seen more long term facial injury.  Bruising can cause temporary facial weakness or numbness.

Can I Meet Other People Who Have Had A Mini Face Lift?  

Yes.  We do understand that a lot of people like to see other people’s results.  On our website we have many real-life patient results that patients can look at.  We also have videos that allow patients to see how the procedure was performed and which are the areas where the cut occurs. Otherwise, we can have previous patients speak to prospective patients if that will make them feel better.

How Does The Mini Face Lift Differ From A Suture Face Lift?

A suture face lift is just stitching of the skin with a small incision behind the ear.  There is no excision of the skin in the usual situation.  Having said that, there are some forms of suture lifts where I will cut a little bit of skin out from in front of the ear.  The essential difference is that in a suture lift, one is suturing the skin and in a mini face lift one is suturing the underlying muscle.

Will There Be Pulling Of My Eyes With A Mini Face Lift?

No.  The eyes generally are not pulled as it is outside the vector and angle of the mini face lift.  Many patients do have eyelid surgery at the same time as well as skin rejuvenation.  Erbium laser resurfacing can be used to treat the wrinkles around the face although the erbium would only be used in the lighter mode when one gets to the outer face.

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