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We consult & operate Australia-wide

Muscle Relaxants For Men
Male Muscle Relaxants

Male Muscle Relaxants

Male Muscle Relaxants

CAN MEN HAVE MUSCLE RELAXANTS?   Yes.  It is very common for men to have injections of muscle relaxants to reduce the movement of muscles.

WHICH ARE IS TREATED?  The most common area that men have treated is the glabella frown lines.  Because men have an extremely strong muscle, the doctor needs to apply extra muscle relaxants so that the muscles are relaxed more and that the relaxation will last longer.

Male Muscle Relaxants

WILL MY WIFE KNOW IF I HAVE HAD A MUSCLE RELAXANT INJECTION?  Most people can keep muscle relaxants a secret and certainly at the workplace nobody needs to know that one has had it done.

DOES THE MUSCLE RELAXANT NEED TO BE COMBINED WITH A FILLER?   Sometimes in the glabella area, a filler is injected at the same time or around the same time in order to elevate the wrinkle as well.

WHAT OTHER AREAS CAN BE TREATED?  Men also have injections of muscle relaxants on their forehead for frown lines, around the crow’s feet and in other areas where the muscles are hyperactive.  Some men also have muscle injections to reduce chewing.  Muscle relaxants can help severe hyperhidrosis, although generally we find there are more women coming in for that procedure.

Male Muscle Relaxants1

AM I BEING VAIN IN HAVING INJECTIONS?  Many men have cosmetic procedures today.  It is not necessarily a sign of vanity but rather wanting to look healthier.  The main reason that men often have injections for muscle relaxants is that they look angry and they are frowning.  People interpret this wrongly and feel that the skin’s signs are showing that the person is not happy when in fact the person may be.  This plays a role when a man is in the workforce and he projects the wrong feeling to other people.

CAN MUSCLE RELAXANTS BE COMBINED WITH OTHER FACIAL COSMETIC SURGERY?  Muscle relaxants work well together with laser resurfacing for wrinkles around the eyes and also is often used after a mini face lift.  Men often have mini face lifts since it gives a rather natural appearance.  The deep smile creases around the eyelids and frown are certainly worthwhile treating at the same time to give an overall global affect.

DOES THE DOCTOR HAVE TO INJECT MUSCLE RELAXANTS IN MEN?  Men and women can have muscle relaxants with nurses and not necessarily with the doctor.  However, in Australia, the doctor must always oversee the injection in some form and usually involves a consultation and prescribing the actual product.

HOW OFTEN DOES THE INJECTION NEED TO BE REPEATED?  Everyone is different as to how long it lasts.  The effect usually kicks in within 1-2 weeks and lasts between 3 to 4 months.

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