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What is the largest man that you have performed a tummy tuck technique on?

In the year 2014, I performed a tummy tuck on a man who had lost 200 kilos.  He lost this through dieting, exercise, and hypnotherapy.  His course was followed and featured on the Today Tonight television program on channel 7.  Once he had lost the weight, he had excessive skin that was hanging from his lower stomach.  I performed a full abdominoplasty lipotuck and removed all of the skin from his umbilicus down to his groin.  The area of skin that was removed reached almost 1 meter in diameter.

Do men have tummy tucks?

Yes.  It is quite common for men to have tummy tucks due to excessive weight loss.  This is particularly seen following lap banding or gastric sleeve where a person may lose between 30 to 70 kilos of weight which results in loose skin on the lower stomach.  


Essentially, they are exactly the same procedure.  Men often have less stretching and opening of the rectus abdominal muscle as one sees in woman.  Often, the muscle is damaged or stretched through carrying children during pregnancy.

How long does one require to rest following a tummy tuck?

We advise patients to rest for 2-3 weeks following a tummy tuck.  Rest is important due to removal of such a large amount of tissue and there is always a risk of collection of fluid or blood under the tuck which may require further treatment.

How has tummy tuck technique changed over the years?

Initially, tummy tuck was performed by excising the skin and fat as well as a cauterisation of blood vessels.  Over the last few years, a method called lipotuck was developed in America where the tumescent technique of liposculpture is initially performed.  We have been performing tumescent liposuction for over 22 years and this form of liposculpture causes closure of the blood vessels and has some antibacterial effects.  As a result there tends to be little bleeding with the procedure.  Once the fat is totally suctioned out, the loose skin can be delineated and excised.  There are 2 main types of tummy tucks that we perform.  One is the mini tuck where just the skin from the lower stomach is removed.  The other is the full lipotuck where the skin is removed right up to the umbilicus and the umbilicus is repositioned through a new hole.  

How long is the scar in men from lipotuck?

The scar stretches across the lower stomach, ideally about 6-7 cm from the penis.  The length of the scar is dependent on how much skin has to be removed. 

Can man boobs be performed at the same time as male tummy tuck technique?

Yes, liposculpture or excision o f man boobs can be performed at the same as a lipotuck as can other procedures such as laser blepharoplasty or liposuction of other areas.

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Is there weight restriction on male tummy tuck technique?

There is no specific weight, but generally one would like to see a person under 100 kilos and ideally around 80 kilos.  The actual weight requirement does depend on the height of the person.

Is there a benefit of losing weight before the lipotuck?

Yes.  If the patient is lighter there is less fat and there is less risk associated with the tummy tuck procedure.

What is the main risk with male lipo tummy tuck?

All patients with a tummy tuck have a long scar that may irregular, red, or thickened.  Sometimes patients do require a second procedure on the edges of the tuck to correct any folding of the skin.  The most severe risk as with all surgeries would be infection and scarring.  

How does one get more information about male tummy tuck?

Dr. Lanzer offers a free no-obligation consultation.  This can be done in person or over the internet.  Dr. Lanzer believes in education and gives his advice freely to the public in Australia and throughout the world. 

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