Why Are Men Having Tummy Tucks? By Leading Surgeon Dr Lanzer

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Why Are Men Having Tummy Tucks?

Why Are Men Having Tummy Tucks?

Why Are Men Having Tummy Tucks?

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Men have now increased their stake in cosmetic surgery.  When I started performing cosmetic surgery 25 years ago, men made up a real minority of patients having treatment.  In those days, the only treatment men would have was for acne scars.  Interestingly, more men in my opinion were having hair transplant surgery which I found has become less common.

What Procedures Are Men Having Today?

Men commonly have man boob reduction which is for gynecomastia.  This is one of the most common procedures that we perform and gives men new confidence to take their top off at the beach or to wear tighter singlets. Men also present for liposuction.  One of the most fascinating procedures that has developed over the last few years is high-definition liposuction.  This is where we reshape the fat overlying the muscles to produce a 4 or 6-pack appearance. The other procedure that men commonly have is a mini facelift.  Many middle aged and older men also want to look rejuvenated, and they like the mini facelift as it does not give a startled appearance and tends to be a natural type of lift.

Why Are Men Having Tummy Tucks?

Men are having tummy tucks for excessive loose skin.  Often this is related to excessive weight loss.  With the advent of lap banding, many men lose a lot of weight and the skin needs to be removed.  Some men lose weight naturally, but the result unfortunately can be sagging skin of the lower stomach.

why are men having tummy tucks?

Discover Tummy Tuck Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Tummy Tuck Liposuction procedures. The other advantage of using this method is that often less skin needs to be lifted and on the upper stomach this means less risk to the blood supply of the skin. If your looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Tummy Tuck Liposuction clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Do Men Also Get Weakness Of The Stomach Muscle?

Yes.  A lot of men have fat that collects under the stomach muscle.  This is sometimes a common sign in men that gives a bloated appearance.  Interestingly, it is felt that the fat under the muscle may be more related to heart disease.  If the stomach muscle is split or stretched, then the man may require stomach muscle tightening at the same time as the tummy tuck.

How Low Will A Scar Be For A Tummy Tuck?

In both men and women we try and make the scar as low as possible so that it can be hidden by the underpants or bikini.  Sometimes this is not possible, depending on the balance of where the loose skin is in relationship to the belly button.

What Is The Most Interesting Tummy Tuck That You Have Performed?

The most interesting tummy tuck that I have performed was a man who was 320 kilos in weight and lost 200 kilos over a 2-year period.  His fascinating course was followed by the television program, A Current Affairs.  In the last few weeks I performed a lipo tummy tuck where we removed almost 1 meter of skin and fat from his lower abdomen. This gave him a flatter appearance which he was certainly happy about.  At the same time, I did perform a liposuction of his neck and stem cell fat injection into his cheeks.  We always warn that one cannot judge results by an individual case, but this was certainly an interesting case for me to be involved in.

Tummy tuck for men

Does The Tummy Tuck Go Through The Lining Of The Tummy?

No.  The layers of the stomach are skin, dermis, fat, outer abdominal muscles, lining of the stomach wall, and the stomach itself.  The lipo tuck only works on the outer layers beyond and in the stomach muscles.  This means that there is very little danger or perforation of the bowels.

What Happens If There Is A Hernia Of The Umbilicus?

Often with tummy tucks, a hernia around the umbilicus is corrected. By suturing the muscles adjacent to the umbilicus we can usually improve that type of hernia.  Some hernias of the umbilicus need more advanced treatment with mesh which is usually performed by general surgeons.

Does A Man Need To Be Admitted To The Hospital?

No.  We perform the lipo tummy tuck as an outpatient in our Day Surgery Centre in Malvern, Victoria.  The centre has the latest accreditation for the National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standards (NSQHS).  This means that every process and procedure in the entire centre is monitored, audited, and covered by appropriate policies and plans.

How Do I Know If I Need A Tummy Tuck?

This is an assessment that Dr. Lanzer needs to make.  He offers a free no-obligation consultation.  He can do this over the internet or telephone, but it is always better if he can actually have you lie down and feel your skin.  Whilst lying down, Dr. Lanzer will get you to lift your head up off the pillow.  This will show any weakness of the underlying muscles.

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