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Patient Complaints Dr. Daniel Lanzer

14.07.2014 - written by Paula Grossbard

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After practicing for so many years, I have been able to identify different trends about what patients complain about. The actual type of complaints hase changed over time and it is interesting to watch the trends and developments over the last 2 decades. One of the biggest complaints that patients have is that they cannot lose fat no matter how much they diet and exercise. Often they have tried so hard that they have got sore joints or back issues and it impedes their exercise regime. Unfortunately, patients notice that if they are doing only exercise or only dieting the weight does not go.

Then there are patients who complain that even if they do everything correct, there are genetic areas of fat such as hips, thighs, stomachs, and breasts that just don’t go. It seems that there are certain areas of the body that have hungry fat cells and these cannot be removed. As time progressed, the type of complaints we saw changed so that rather than just being small localized areas of fat that was of concern, people who are actually overweight came in and wanted a kick-start. They would complain that they are just static and they need a boost. This led to the development of mega liposuction where multiple lesions of fat were removed in any one setting. Another complaint that I have commonly seen is back pain and shoulder pain.

This is often related to women with very large breasts and the literal weight of the breast changes the posture and causes chronic pain. I was quite amazed when I did the initial study of 250 patients who had liposuction alone for breast reduction in the year 2000 and 2001. The pain that these patients had went away almost instantly. It is quite interesting that the weight of the breast is reduced dramatically when the fat is removed yet on the scales, when I remove many layers of fat from patients they do not change all that much. I feel that fat weighs differently in different areas of the body if it is in the muscle and where it is distributed.

Another complaint that I see related to liposuction is from men who hate having large breasts. It causes a lot of psychological issues and impedes them from taking their t-shirt off. Often this goes on for years and tends to be seen in families as a genetic tendency. Another group of patients that I see who are very fit and healthy, and they have some small glandular tissue under the nipple which causes the nipple and areola to project forward. They complain how they see a point when they wear t-shirts. These can be all treated nicely with a tumescent form of liposculpture and excision of the glands.

Finally, regarding liposuction I do see complaints about people who work out in the gym and never get an athletic shape. Having treated many athletic patients now, I understand that it is quite hard to develop a 6-pack and certainly very hard to maintain it. One has to essentially remove nearly all the fat from the body so that one can see the actual muscles and their insertions. Sometimes, this is just absolutely impossible. I recently had a man who is in the army and he complains that a lot of the army fellows have 6-packs which you can see in the communal showers, but no matter how fit he is, he could never get it. A form of liposculpture called high-definition liposuction removes the fat selectively around the muscles and enhances the appearance of one’s own natural muscle.

In the future, I am going to continue some different articles about other areas that patients complain about and what brings them into my surgery center to have an opinion regarding cosmetic surgery.

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