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We consult & operate Australia-wide

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Tummy Tuck Liposuction Procedures

Tummy Tuck Liposuction Procedures

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As a dermatologist and cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Lanzer has a long-standing interest in skin tightening and fat reduction. For over 25 years, Dr Daniel Lanzer has performed thousands of procedures and also offers the latest abdominoplasty method, which is referred to as tummy tuck liposuction or lipectomy.

Dr Lanzer had hands-on training for this surgical procedure in America with Dr Marco Pelosi II and III, cosmetic surgerys located in New Jersey. Dr Pelosi has extensive experience in abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, fat transfer and gynaecology services.

The knowledge and experienced passed on by Dr Pelosi allowed Dr Lanzer to continue his practice in a holistic way, allowing him to give patients the procedural option most suited to them. Now, Dr Lanzer can offer liposuction in combination with an abdominoplasty to achieve smoother and flatter results, but also more visible abdominal muscles for a toned aesthetic. For those who are simply suffering from some loose skin, Dr Lanzer can perform the Mini tummy tuck Liposuction, which does not require the removal of the belly button from the abdominal wall, has a smaller incision, and solely focuses on the lower abdomen.

Dr Lanzer chose to be trained by Dr Pelosi II and III, as they are the co-founders of the International Society of Cosmetogynecology. Their abdominoplasty technique combines tumescent liposuction, which is Dr lanzer’s expertise, with skin removal. Traditional abdominoplasty procedures have been linked to numerous complications, such as trauma and compromised blood supply. Drs. Pelosi have incorporated the tumescent anaesthesia technique for numbing the area and reducing bleeding; this also means the procedure can be executed under local anaesthesia and not all procedures will require an anaesthetist. They also incorporate some liposuction when performing an abdominoplasty, named the “Abdominal Lipoplasty”. This has meant that traditional requirements of blood transfusions is not seen by them. It also means that some patients can have the procedure under a local anaesthetic, thereby reducing the recovery time. They also do not admit the patient to hospital for aftercare.

As an advocate for Tumescent anaesthetic used in tummy tuck liposuction, Dr Lanzer has seen the benefits of this type of anaesthetic for many years. Benefits include reduced blood loss, patient comfort and reduced pain post-procedure and a reduced need for heavy analgesia or pain medication after the surgery.

Dr Lanzer’s nursing staff has been provided with the skills to ensure your questions are answered. Their knowledge has been developed to cover all aspects of your cosmetic surgery, including preoperative considerations and post-operative care. They will be available to you assist you at any time throughout your journey to ensure both your comfort and peace of mind.

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