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What Clinic?

01.12.2014 - written by Paula Grossbard

What Clinic?

One of the most common queries that we receive particularly by Google and the internet in Australia is, “What clinic is the most appropriate for a particular procedure?”  Over the last 20 years, many surgeons in all areas of medicine, particularly cosmetic surgery, have sub-specialized in a particular procedure or particular surgery area.  This means that the public wants to know what clinic is the most appropriate for their procedure.  The potential patients are interested in the technique that is used in that clinic and what procedures the clinic commonly performs and how long the clinic has offered that procedure.

The other factor that determines what clinic patients should go to is which state they are in.  Interestingly, I have found that certain procedures are more common in different states and in different suburbs. For instance male high definition liposculpture is more common in Sydney in Mediterranean patients.

Another determining factor as to what clinic a patient prefers may also depend on the gender of the surgeon.  Some patients do prefer a male whilst others would favor a female.

At the end of the day, the choice of what clinic to go for may be determined by the actual personality of the surgeon.  The type of staff also plays a big role and patients definitely appreciate a practice with friendly staff that is keen to answer questions.

Today a lot of clinics are judged by the website that they have.  When looking at a website, it is important to differentiate between the quality of the clinic and the graphic designer of the clinic.  The clinic that has the nicest pictures and design is not necessarily the one that is going to give the most appropriate results.  When deciding what clinic to choose from a website, I recommend the following assessments:

  1. Is the cosmetic or plastic surgeon’s name clearly shown and does it describe his training and experience?
  2. Are there plenty of real-life before and after photographs so one can get a feel for the type of results?
  3. Are there detailed information sheets? Is the consent form freely available?
  4. Does the surgeon offer a free consultation?

Another new factor in assessing what clinic to go to are reviews and blogs. Unfortunately and quite sadly, many reviews and blogs are not real. In fact, one plastic surgeon in Melbourne by the name of Mr. Christopher Moss, managed to trace a person who was writing false blogs about him.  As a result, Mr. Moss sued this person as it affected his business.  The public, no-wiser, assumed that the blogs were honest, but they were not.  Medical blogs and reviews are no different to blogs regarding other businesses where they are often not so reliable.

Sometimes, it is also worth considering what the clinic is offering.  It has been my experience that a clinic that offers both surgical and non-surgical procedures will often have multiple options as to how to treat things.  This gives the clinic a more balanced approach to patients and can cater to all different types of patient demands.

Dr. Lanzer offers a free no-obligation consultation and does recommend patients who are considering surgery to seek a second opinion as approaches do vary between surgeons on many accounts.





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